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The Ross Who Knew Too Much

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

On 50 Cent and Jordis Unga

First up, a final note about Tuesday night's 50 Cent concert at the Target Center. If you read my review, you probably noted that the incessant amount of faux gunfire throughout the set was jarring, to say the least.

One tidbit I couldn't fit into the review was the mid-set tribute to Bob Marley -- or, more accurately, tribute to ganja. As smoke billowed from the set, videos showed young men toking up and Marley's largely peaceful music blasted from the speakers, 50 apparently decided -- oh, yes -- to enhance the experience with more simulated gunfire. A curious decision, to say the least.

While at the show, I taped the second episode of "Rock Star: INXS." (Yup, no Tivo for this one. I'm still waiting for Comcast to bring its own Tivo-like service to St. Paul.) And tonight, I caught this week's elimination episode.

Judging by the show's dismal ratings, I'm one of the few to actually to be watching this thing. (I do, however, think it's going to pick up viewers along the way -- it had better, 'cause CBS has plans to air it three times a week through October.)

But, so far, I'm finding it mildly entertaining. I'm watching largely to see how St. Paul's own Jordis Unga fares. Of the two songs she's performed, she's already emerged as a strong frontrunner. The band seems to love her, although she's probably not getting as much non-singing airtime as she could because she's sticking to her plans to not cheat on her boyfriend or get drunk on camera. (If you missed them, CBS is re-airing the second and third episodes Saturday night.)

Could she win this thing? I dunno, but I think it's pretty safe to assume she'll make it pretty far. (Although, full disclosure, I was convinced James was going to win "The Cut", and he got his curly-haired arse kicked off tonight in a rather shocking decision by old frog-faced Tommy Hilfiger. And just how seemingly talent-free former Miss Minnesota Jessica is still on that show is beyond me.)

Of those would-be rockers still on the show, here's who (and why) I expect to get the boot in the next few weeks:
-- Daphna (terrible name, even worse hair)
-- J.D. (former Elvis impersonator, from Canada)
-- Marty (is in a band that opened for Nickelback, who wants a lead singer named Marty?)
-- Heather (considers Concrete Blonde's Johnette Napolitano and Ani DiFranco influences, probably smells like canned soup)
-- Deanna (zero charisma, also from Canada)


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