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The Ross Who Knew Too Much

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Happy birthday David!

The big news from Saturday's 3rd anniversary party at the Turf Club: The Clown Lounge is open again!

After an ownership transfer that took place in early April, the Turf's famed downstairs bar was closed for renovations.

It was finally back in business Saturday, with a few clown remnants visible, a musty smell in the air and plenty of gleeful patrons eager to reclaim the space as a temporary oasis from the crowds upstairs. (Romantica was even doing a photo shoot amidst all the revelry.)

And there were plenty of people upstairs to see a stellar lineup of local bands that included the aforementioned Romantica, Vicious Vicious and Chris Koza (among others).

If you haven't heard Vicious Vicious yet (and even if you've already seen band leader Erik Appelwick play with his other band, the Olympic Hopefuls), I highly recommend you head over to the 7th Street Entry June 17 for the band's CD release show. (More on that to come, both in the blog and in my column.)

Kudos to David de Young for pulling in such a massive, fun-loving crowd. He encouraged me to throw my own birthday bash at a rock club and invite all my favorite bands to play (he sure made it look easy, that's for sure). Will I take his advice? Check back with me in February 2006.


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