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The Ross Who Knew Too Much

Friday, May 06, 2005

The story behind Low's canceled tour

Earlier this week, the Duluth trio Low canceled its impending North American tour due to unexplained "health issues."

In an interview with Fresh Air's Terry Gross that was recorded before the announcement, Alan Sparhawk spoke about his "interesting mental struggles" that inspired much of the band's new album, "The Great Destroyer." Without going into specifics, he talked -- and even joked about -- how he had experienced midlife-crisis-like depression. But he made it sound like the worst was over.

Turns out that wasn't the case at all.

Last night, Alan posted this lengthy explanation on Low's online message board.

Some excerpts from his post:

i have not been very mentally stable for the last while. due to this, touring at this time has become too much of a burden on everyone involved. my current problems and instability create undue and unnecessary stress for everyone close to me, especially on the road ... those last several months have been some of the hardest to live through, and it is too much to ask those around me to have to put up with that any more.

i have been speculated/diagnosed with everything from post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, bipolar whatever, suicidal depression/anxiety ("here's some pills, call me if you are still alive next week - oh, wait, sorry, your small business insurance plan doesn't cover all this..."), to paranoia, laziness, OCD, and good old-fashioned two-faced a------ness ... i feel like i've come through the worst of it, by there's nothing uglier than lips speaking vain promises, so forgive me if i'm reluctant to be the cheerleader this time. i need to get healthy, and it's apparent that something about touring right now is doing more damage than good.

it breaks my heart. i love playing music and i love being able to play it for people, but i love the people i play music with the most. do the math. you have been so kind to us and the people we work with have been patient and selfless through all this, so despite complete faith that everyone probably understands and at least respects our decision, i still wish to extend my deepest apologies to all.


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