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The Ross Who Knew Too Much

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Minnesota speaks!

A faithful reader alerted me to the fact I've already made it onto MNSpeak, the new "one-site stop for Twin Cities conversations about culture, media, politics, and entertainment" run by Rex Sorgatz and Chuck Olsen.

I made it into this comment section, anyway. Some guy named George claims I'm a "media personality you would like to see just a bit more of." Ahem.

Well, George, there were those security camera photos of me perusing the lawn furniture department of the Robert Street Walmart, dressed (from the waist up, anyway) in full KISS makeup (Space Ace, duh) suffering from what I told the arresting officer was "exhaustion" and "extreme dehydration." But thanks to a drained 401K account and an entrepreneurial Walmart greeter, all of said photos have now been destroyed. I hope.

Anyway, I'm quite curious to see how MNSpeak develops. Rex told me about his plans for the blog a few months back and seemed quite eager about it. And if ever there were a guy to pull this off, it's Rex. In addition to maintaining a day job -- "it's something with computers" is my answer when mutual friends ask -- he keeps continuously updated and actually manages to leave the house quite often to attend concerts and parties and other such events usually not frequented by blogging types.


Blogger Chuck Olsen said...

Most people don't realize Rex is actually an "entertainment cyborg."

12:56 AM  

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