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The Ross Who Knew Too Much

Friday, May 20, 2005

It was a h-o-t-t night on "The O.C." (according to a bunch of my friends)

Following my world exclusive scoop that my old pal Chuck Klosterman might be a character in the upcoming Motley Crue biopic comes this rather unexpected development.

Now keep in mind that I didn't see this show myself -- I was reviewing the Mars Volta last night and I'm more of a "Survivor" boy when it comes to Thursday night TV anyway -- but apparently Chuck was referenced on "The O.C."

When I got home last night, I found this e-mail in my inbox -- with the subject line "Am I drunk?" -- from another old pal who is a casting agent in Los Angeles:

Or was Chuck Klosterman just used as a pop culture reference by Adam Brody on THE OC? ... I may have to get the tape tomorrow and see if it's true or if I merely need to lay off the juice...

Further explanation arrived this morning from a friend in town who was "(redacted) with (redacted) and (redacted)" while watching the show:

Chuck ... got name-checked not once, but TWICE on "The O.C." tonight. First, Seth Cohen, the nerdy but allusive emo boy, is shown laying on his bed, visibly reading "Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs." Then near the end of the episode, he is floating in his pool trying to decide what to do and one of his options was something
along the lines of, "Well, I can stay here and absorb the wisdom of Chuck Klosterman, or ..."

(Chuck's) Q rating is going to skyrocket!!

Chuck's response to the whole thing was a mere: "That was pretty weird." But he did share this e-mail he received from his "15-year-old emo niece in Nebraska":

HELLOO DEAR UNLCE OF MINE. so i was watching the OC right. and SETH talked about YOU. and i was all HOLY COW and then i yelled at the tv. and im PRETTY SURE. that seth is the GREATEST person ALIVE. so just thought id email you and tell you. casue ive read like all of your books. and yea. so YEA. um. yea. im not freaking out at all. um. bye

So yeah.

In the spirit of this cut-and-paste posting, here's a few interesting links I've purloined from others:

-- Lindsey Thomas links to this great piece on Sex Advice from Music Critics.

-- Ms. Rachael ponders the increasingly annoying colored wrist band trend here.

-- Rex Sorgatz points to this nerdishly delightful list of 50 Fun Things to do with Your iPod.

-- Only five days till Voltage Fashion Amplified!


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