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The Ross Who Knew Too Much

Thursday, April 28, 2005

New Bands Alert!

In an effort to uncover a few new bands that don't sound exactly like Franz Ferdinand, except not quite as good, I give you Hot Chip. They remind me a bit of super obscure Brits Frazier Chorus with a touch of Righteous Boy (a.k.a. Magnus Sveningsson, the hunky one from the Cardigans.)

Also promising, to a lesser extent, are the Towers of London. They're a mouthy British punk band who are generating all sorts of excitable press across the pond. I ran into their U.S. publicist -- a guy I really like, actually -- at South by Southwest and asked him about this band. He gave me some story about wanting to bring the band to the States to "hang out" at SXSW, but was worried they would cause too much trouble or something like that. He delivered this news in his best "Look, I'm a publicist and you're a rock writer and it's my job to tell you this and it's your job to be properly skeptical and all, but, really, let's just go get a drink" voice. He has since sent me a two-song single by the band and I'm still trying to decide if they're going to be the next Manic Street Preachers or the next Birdland.

(A note for fellow Britrock nerds. I actually loved Birdland at the time and am still fond enough of them to have their album on my iPod. As far as the Manics go, I hold about a third of the band's music in very high regard, and sometime soon I'm going to post some blatherings on about the recent reissue of "The Holy Bible," if only because I went on and on about it last night to Brock Tune, who pretended to be interested.)


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