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The Ross Who Knew Too Much

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Kelly Clarkson in Not-Terrible Shocker, plus other stuff

So Wednesday night, John Mellencamp was playing the Xcel. And I would have reviewed it. But Kelly Clarkson, that doe-eyed season-one "American Idol" winner, was also performing over at the State Theatre. Honestly, I would have much rather gone to see Queens of the Stone Age over at the Quest, but I figured my reviewing talents would be best suited to the Kelly Clarkson show. And, if nothing else, it would be more fun to write a Kelly Clarkson review. (Freelancer John Nemo handled the Mellencamp review, by the way, and both reviews will show up in today's edition of the Pioneer Press.)

On the way to the State Theatre, I was relieved to hear The Current's Mark Wheat announce with his uniquely William Shatner-esque delivery that the "Queens - ofthe - Stone - Age - show at -- theQuest" was canceled. Hooray! If I can't see 'em, no one can!

Anyway, at Clarkson's show, the crowd -- full of young girls and gay guys, just as I expected -- was ready for anything. I just hoped Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" -- the sort of feel-good song that makes my teeth itch -- would be mercifully brief.

Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed the concert. And this would be the third gig in a row I found myself liking much more than expected, after the Kenny Chesney/Gretchen Wilson double-header and Jonny Lang. Seriously, this trio of shows made Duran Duran seem like even more like a pile of puke. (Many DD fans violently disagreed with me via a series of colorful e-mails, excerpts from which I plan to share here soon.)

The biggest shock of all was Clarkson's "Addicted," a track from her new album that was co-written by Ben Moody and David Hodges, the guys responsible for most of the songs by the utterly reprehensible Evanescence. It's a terrific, dramatic song that's just begging to be the next single instead of "Behind These Hazel Eyes." A mere 12 hours ago, if you had told me I would be debating the selection of Kelly Clarkson singles, I would have asked you to push me down a flight of steps.

Now, the promised Other Stuff:

-- My old drinking buddy John Lamb has some casting suggestions for the possible film version of my even older drinking buddy Chuck Klosterman's impending new book, "Killing Yourself to Live." (This follows my blockbuster scoop that Chuck might show up in the Motley Crue movie.) Despite the fact that I'm only mentioned in passing in Chuck's new book, John Lamb suggests Andy Richter should play me. Strangely enough, he's not the only person to suggest I look like Sir Richter.

-- John Lamb also mentions Rex Sorgatz in his column, who recently posted a rather interesting, personal take on the recently released Soul Asylum live album here.

-- Speaking of John Mellencamp, as I sort of did much earlier, the nicotine-loving singer is collaborating on a Broadway musical with Entertainment Weekly columnist Stephen King. Truly, this is a match made in hell. Two things: 1) I suggest that if said musical ever makes it to the stage, the duo release it under the pseudonym Hacky Q. Hackerson. -and- 2) If said musical ever makes it to the stage, I'm booking the first flight to Manhattan and dragging Brock Tune along with me, assuming we've already seen this show.

-- I ran into Ben Perlstein a few weeks back at Mark Mallman's sold-out show at the Triple Rock, and he gleefully informed me that the magnificent Electric Light Orchestra cover band E.L.No. would be playing Taste of Minnesota this summer. I was so excited by this news, I e-mailed fellow E.L.No. member David Campbell, who not only confirmed the news, but also hired me to become E.L.No.'s manager. This is even more exciting. As my first order of business, I demand the band start rehearsing "Eldorado"! Also, I would like a raise.

-- I'll be DJing two nights -- April 14 and 16 -- during parties held in conjunction with the
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. I also shamelessly plug this fact in my column, which runs in Thursday's print edition of the Pioneer Press. I've already started working on my playlists, and I guarantee I'll be playing more than one selection from this CD, which I got on Monday and have already listened to at least 300 times. Expect to hear "Needles and Pins" as well as "Not For Me," which makes me break out into a cold sweat every time I hear it. More details about my DJ sets -- along with all the other fab parties -- can be found here.

-- More blogging to come, sooner than later! Seriously, I'm going to start doing this on a semi-regular basis. Plus, we've settled on a new name for this blog that will replace "Ross by Rosswest." And, like "Ross by Rosswest," it's a name that's witty at first, but seems less funny each time you hear it.


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