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The Ross Who Knew Too Much

Friday, April 29, 2005

Just got back from the Velvet Revolver show at the Xcel

And, let me tell you, they weren't totally terrible. In fact, the show was sort of fun. There's something to be said about a bunch of otherwise unemployable rock stars doing their collective thing.

My review will run in Friday's Pioneer Press. And in said review I mention this, but I was a bit surprised by the sheer animosity going on between drug-addled lead singer Scott Weiland and eterna-permed guitar wizard Slash. Seriously, the two barely exchanged disgusted glances with each other over the 90-minute show -- whenever Weiland decided to walk over to Slash's side of the stage, Slash would walk across to the other side.

Also surprising was the crowd. In interviews, band members have gone on, at length, about how Velvet Revolver's audience skews young. Still, I was expecting to see a whole lot more of the grizzled losers who would've attended a GNR show circa '88 or an STP gig circa '93. Instead, the crowd looked like a marketer's dream and was largely populated by extremely fit and upwardly mobile men in their late 20s. Lots of Stuff/Men's Health-reading, lantern-jawed, entire-body-shaving, Red-Bull-guzzling, striped-shirt-wearing, high-end-strip-club-going, $400-a-pair-jeans-wearing, $65-Aveda-salon-buzzcut-sporting meatheads.

As for me, I'm wrapping up a rather busy week of work that included interviews with Chris Cornell, Moby, Minnie Driver, Slash and some guy from Maroon 5 as well as live reviews of Snoop Dogg, Slipknot and the 21st century Matchbox 20. I'm spending Friday night in the company of Elton John and his wig, and after that, I plan to spend the weekend residing in a damp paper sack.


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